Complete Therapy by Jeanette Green is a Massage Therapist in Lady Lake, FL

For just over nine years, Complete Therapy by Jeanette Green has provided the greater Lady Lake, FL area with ameliorating services, allowing individuals to achieve a better quality of life through comprehensive massage therapy. Jeanette is a licensed massage therapist with a breadth of knowledge and experience in the trade, and by having suffered from pain most of her life, she was encouraged to find ways to help others achieve a healthier lifestyle. With an Associate of Science Degree in Allied Health and Massage Therapy from Rasmussen College, Jeanette's mastery of both trigger point and Swedish massage techniques has relieved many individuals from pain and muscle tension.

Some of the versatile services she offers include:

The benefits of massage therapy is immense, providing effective relief for stress, anxiety, lack of sleep, fatigue and other common ailments. With the assistance of Complete Therapy by Jeanette Green, your body will feel better over time. Jeanette can address and alleviate a number of health issues including back pain, joint flexibility, and even blood circulation. To explore the benefits of massage therapy and Jeanette's versatile services, please contact Complete Therapy by Jeanette Green, today.

What Makes Me Proud
  • 9 Years of Successful Business
  • Modalities For Stress and Pain Management
  • Professional Trigger Point and Swedish Massage Therapy
Locations Served
  • Lady Lake, FL